In order to provide you with a pleasant but safe stay in our wellness center, the management of Slatina Hotel has determined the following Rules of conduct:

– Wellness working hours are every day from 10am until 9pm, except for Mondays when wellness center work from 11am until 7pm
– Children’s period at the wellness center is from 10 am to 3 pm, except on Mondays when the period is from 11 am to 3 pm
– Kids under the age of 12 are only allowed to use salt water pool and the salt room, during children hours, accompanied by parents
– Kids under the age of 3 should wear swim diapers while using the pool, for sanitary reasons.
– Swimsuits are obligatory. You can get a bathrobe and a towel for adults and a towel for kids. We advise you to carry your own sippers.
– Please do not take towels and bathrobes yourself. Wait for our employees to assist you
– Please return bath-robes and towels to a place specified for them.
– Please inform our employees about any medical conditions, so they can point out any side effect and recommend you the facilities that would suit you
– Our employees will give you the key to the locker located in the dressing rooms. Please keep your valuables in the room safe. Wellness employees are not responsible for the safety of your personal belongings
– Please be considerate towards other guests – leave your mobile phones or any electronic devices in your room or the locker in the
dressing rooms. If you need to carry them with you, turn your ringer off, and only answer your calls in the dressing room. In case you are taking a photo, please make sure to respect the privacy of other guests. In case of disobeying these rules, our employees has the right to warn you, and then kindly ask you to leave the premises of the wellness center.
– If you would like to book one of our massages or treatments, please consult our wellness employees as soon as you arrive to the hotel. This way, you will be sure to book an appointment and choose a massage or a treatment that will best suit your needs. Please arrive 10 minutes early to your bookings. If you arrive late to your appointment, it will be shortened, and the service will be charged for the full price.
– It is not allowed to bring food and drinks on the premises of wellness center. Some food and drinks can be served to you in our wellness center and charged according to our regular price list.
– In case of any sudden malfunctions and repairs or renovations, hotel has the right to close down a part, or a whole wellness center, about which the guests will be informed.
– Showering is obligatory before use of wellness facilities, massages and treatments.
– Consumption of heavy meals is not recommended before the use of wellness facilities.
– Consumption of alcoholic drinks is not allowed before the use of wellness facilities.
– Hotel Management has the right to define any situations not defined by this rulebook.

Rules of Conduct in the Wellness Center (pdf)